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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

What is Tribe Month?

During the month of March, Redcliffe locals and surrounding communities will be encouraged to make a conscious effort to “be nice and stop sweating the small stuff” and be kind to each other. We’ve all been guilty of being a bit intolerant, short tempered or just not very nice sometimes, and it’s usually over the most silly and trivial things that seem to annoy us.

Not during Tribe Month!

We want people to think about what it is that really ticks them off. It can be something really silly or small, like the way their partner talks during their favourite show, and pledge for 31 days to not let it bother them.


During the month, Tribe will also host several events in their Tribe Clubhouse located at 11/457 Oxley Avenue, as well as hosting the inaugural Tribe Charity Gala Dinner  at The Komo on Saturday, 25 March. Tickets on sale now.

More events and information coming soon!

Give ‘Em A Lift Transport Fundraiser

Although Tribe has helped many people overcome mental health issues, isolation and loneliness we know there are many more that are unable to join us due to a lack of transport. The Tribe " Give 'em a lift" fundraiser is to assist us to purchase a vehicle so that we can get many more people out of the shadows and into the Tribe light!

How can you help?

Although the key objective of Tribe Month is to raise awareness of the charity, as well as encouraging everyone to be nicer to each other, the community can also show their support of the initiative by helping raise much-needed funds for Tribe.

• Pledge to “not sweat the small stuff” and be just a little nicer in March
• Purchase a ticket or table to our Gala Fundraiser Dinner on 25 March
• Donate a raffle prize or auction item for our Gala Fundraiser Dinner
• Purchase a raffle ticket into our major Tribe Month raffle
• Host a BBQ or Morning Tea to bring your team together and just be nice to each other
• Donate to our Give ‘Em A Lift Fundraiser
• Donate a percentage of sales (or profit) during March
Or simply… just donate any spare change you have here

All donations are tax deductible, and anything helps!


We'll keep you up to date with what's happenning, the latest on gatherings, programs, and when we need stuff for the youth! 
Tribe Social Belonging is a registered charity.
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